Professional Commercial Inspections



With over 15 years of commercial building management and construction experience in the US, Europe, India, China, and Singapore we are uniquely qualified to inspect and assess commercial property globally. Call now 512-771-5155


  • Facilities management of 1 Million Sq Ft distribution centers
  • Commercial construction of low rise and high rise office buildings
  • Global office contact and distribution centers oversight
  • Data center management
  • Disaster recovery data center management

We inspect all systems from roof to foundation following the Certified Commerical Property Inspectors Association Standards of Practice that I will personalize for your needs.

  • High quality photos
  • Thorough and easy to understand content backed by photos so you understand
  • Never be confused between minor or major issues with our after inspection support
  • Immediate report delivery that meets your timeline


Office / Warehouse




Strip Centers

For more information about what is covered and how to work with us go to What We Cover In A Commercial Inspection.

Informal walk through available and consultation sessions can be scheduled.

Interim Construction Financing Draw-Down Inspections

  • Working with bankers, mortgage lenders, and owners.
  • New and remodel draw inspections

Investment Property Inspections

Multi-Unit Housing Inspection


Office: Call us at 512-296-2376
Mobile (voice or text): 512-771-5155