We Help Realtors and Agents Save Time and Money

We offer tools like our Repair and Replace Checklist that help Realtors save time and effort with no more cut and pasting a sellers list. Just point and click and you are done!

In addition, we specialize in services focused specifically on the needs of Realtors.  Many times seasoned and new realtors need a home inspector to walk through a house and give an informal opinion or prioritization of potential show stoppers before they invest too much time.

We get this. There are many scenarios that might call for a consultation versus a formal inspection:

  • We have been asked to look at investment property so an investor or flipper knows what is going to be required before closing on a potential property.
  • Realtors have questions about borderline properties they want to list or present to the buyer and prefer to have a 2nd opinion from an expert before moving forward.
  • Or, when a seller is not being objective and a realtor might need the professional inspector to weigh in or add weight to their already understanding of what is going to need repair or replacement.

Whatever your reason, we are here.

Give us a call and we will discuss informally what we can do to help you…on your terms.

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