New Home Buyer Inspection

New home buyers want the same things as an existing home buyer. A safe home, a comfortable home, a home that doesn’t have surprises that will cost money later on.

A new home buyer usually hopes that many of the maintenance issues or the lack of repairs will not be a problem for them. And that is true. But the new home buyer has their own special areas to watch out for when engaging a builder.

The new home doesn’t have a history.

It’s new and clean and like a new car just feels and smells nice. But like a new car most of us expect the new home to be without dents or scratches or misaligned parts.

For the new home we need to take a step back and understand that houses are built by people. Duh, I know.  But those people who make up the plumbers, electricians, framers, concrete experts, and drywall and paint folks are working fast. They often have more to do than time to do it in. Mistakes can be made and sometimes things just constructed wrong. We see it every week and have a list of horror stories that could cost new home buyers thousands and tens of thousands.

The new home buyer needs an inspector who knows how homes are built. What does it look like when an attic structure is correct or incorrect? What is required to protect a foundation on a new home? How are walls constructed so they move and crack less later on?

And what are the signs that the home was built too fast and maybe a home you don’t want to be the first one to buy.

Builders will tell buyers they have their own inspectors. But these are not licensed, and they work directly for the builder. We work for you and our loyalty and trust is for you alone in a deal. We strongly advise all new home buyers to engage an inspector before closing. It can and sometimes does mean the difference in a wonderful home your family will be glad to come home to and a money pit you find out you need to dump. For more  information check out our article on Buying a New Home.

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