Home Maintenance and Phone Support

cropped-20151107_1102221.jpgI started Your ServusPartners Real Estate Inspections because I have a desire to help others during the process of buying the biggest investment of their life. I wanted to take the risk out of it and be the voice they can count on with no other motive than to help them understand the house they were buying.

I treat home buyers like family and inspect houses like my own family would be moving into it. Along the way, I started seeing a big need to continue to help homeowners after the sale.

Once homeowners were in the house there would be the occasional call and question about the AC or plumbing or a lot of how to questions.

So I started offering Free Phone Support to all clients. No time limit. No charge.

Now I get calls weekly from clients who need someone they can trust and be a knowledgeable voice to help them navigate repairs and keep up their new home.

In the last few months I have been asked if I had a service that would do a couple of things:

  1. Engage me to visit on site once a year or season and go over what needed to be done and help prioritize.
  2. Manage the upkeep of homes so the homeowner did not have to deal with trades or the ongoing maintenance of the house.

So I have created two programs:

  • Your ServusPartners Phone Support
  • Annual Property Management

If you could use my Phone Support services for a low monthly fee,

or are ready for someone to take over annual and seasonal maintenance along with engaging repairs and updates,

call me so I can develop a custom solution for you.

Office: Call us at 512-296-2376
Mobile (voice or text): 512-771-5155 

or email me at tony@servuspartners.com