Construction Phase Inspections

Construction can be broken into phases or project phases. For the sake of inspecting your new home build we recommend two different inspections that are very important for your home but look at totally different areas.

Pre Pour Inspections

Pre Pour Inspections are performed before the concrete is poured. The builder should have post tension cables in place, rebar in place, any plumbing or electrical work that will not be visible after the pour should be ready. We then look at all the components from soils, grading, form boards and how things are positioned. One of the most important areas we inspect are how close plumbing, electrical, drains, pipes, etc are to form boards and  tension cables or rebar.  This is one of the most common issues we find later on is plumbing that is not sticking out of a foundation, or parts of the post tension cables not adequately covered.

The Pre Pour Inspection is when we get to see just how well footers are dug and how well moisture barriers are installed.  These are important areas that will be costly to correct later.

Pre Drywall Inspections

The next inspection we recommend is the Pre Drywall Inspection. This is after electrical rough in is complete, plumbing rough in is complete, framing is complete. The roof is in place, but insulation and drywall is not installed yet.

This gives us a view to how well wiring was done or how well plumbing was installed.  At the final inspection before you close it may be too late to find relevant and impactful issues that can be corrected at this inspection easily.

This inspection takes time as we are looking at so many different parts of the house and when the drywall is installed it is closed forever.

A good Pre Drywall Inspection leads to a better Final Inspection and happy home buyers.

Final Inspection

The Final Inspection is covered in another section but it is the last look before you take ownership and own any problems. Outside of the Warranty Inspection this is the last time to have the builder make changes.

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