I have always offered clients the opportunity to call me long after the inspection for my advice or just to get my opinion on an issue they see.

Sometimes it is right after the inspection and they forgot the priorities of issues they want to fix and just need someone to bounce things off of or maybe just to restate the significance.

I have also always offered Realtors, Mortgage Reps and others I work with the option to call me for my opinion.

This has ranged from “Who can complete these VA 26-8731 Inspection Forms” to “Why isn’t the Heat Pump working when we try and test it?”

Up until now, I have limited free phone support to agents and clients I have worked with in the past. But I am going to open this service up to more.

For the holidays I am going to offer our Phone a Friend service to all real estate agents through the end of the year.

So I invite you to keep my phone number close by and let me show you why agents and clients use us again and again. ServusPartners believes in service to our clients and partners.

Tony Pynes 512-296-2376| tony@servuspartners.com

You don’t have to go alone.

Your ServusPartners PLLC

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