Now Offering: WDI (Termite) and Pest Inspections

Most of my customers also need to have their homes inspected for Wood Destroying Insects or Wood Destroying Organisms. So I invested in the training and licensing to add WDI Inspections so it would be easier for clients to arrange. This is going to make things much easier and faster for everyone.

Along the way, I also learned about the issues that are growing with bed bugs in residential homes, yes, even the nice neighborhoods like yours.  Along with rodents and roaches and other pests, I decided to add a Pest Inspection license also.

So now when you call us to schedule your home inspection, you can add on WDI and/or Pest and I will handle it all. My fees for these add ons are usually a better deal than ordering them direct too.

Give us a call to find out more.2019-06-30-19.48.08.jpg


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