Reasons Why You Want to Use a Professional Inspector in 2019

Repairs that are done where you can’t see them. This was on the chimney on the second floor six feet above the roof. You had to see these repairs to believe them.



A new tile roof that converged to form a cistern in the middle of the roof.



Electrical conductors used to tie off ductwork as part of an expensive remodel.



Attic Insulation composed of recycling, trash, and other paper products. The rodents loved it.


Insulation where the bottom layer was old clothes that appeared to form a solid layer under the insulation batting.  Again, rodents were feeling warm and cozy.




Insulation missing between wall studs in a NEW HOME!


Whether it is an older home, a NEW home or just a remodel, an inspector can be an unbiased professional to help the homeowner or investor evaluate work done. Call us today for a free quote. 512-771-5155




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