Top 10 List of What I have Found After Building Inspector’s, Investors, and Your Brother-in-Law Already Approved the House

1. Electrical main feed conductor coming loose26

2. Wrong breaker size for major systems

3. The electrical panel that will always need further evaluation by an electrician and should be replaced

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panels
  • Zinsco Panels
  • Split-bus electrical panels
  • Fuse boxes

4. CSST gas lines not bonded

5. Roofs designed incorrectly, and accumulating water and bringing moisture into a hidden part of the house

6. Poorly engineered roof structure that is starting to show ceiling pops.

7. Windows that aren’t foggy but still have lost their seal and will show when the weather changes.

8. Moisture stains that have been painted but show stains still, above in attic where a AC pan is seeping.

9. Grading that looks okay but has caused moisture in crawlspaces.

10. Windows in bedrooms throughout the house that have been altered to prevent opening more than 4 inches and will need to be replaced to resolve.

11. Masonry walls without proper weep holes and siding that has no opening in bottom to allow moisture to seep.


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