Most Common Issues We find on Inspections This Week

This week the following significant issues were found 2 or more times:

Gas leak

Gas leaks at meter, water heater, or attic. Most were minor leaks. One was a new build. Another was where a new appliance had been installed.

Roofing with missing or improperly installed roofing felt. This can turn into water damage from roof down to framing members.

No felt

Rodent trails in attics. Most people don’t see or hear them but rats and mice get quite comfortable burrowing in your insulation. The thicker the better.

Water allowed to collect and cause ponding by foundation’s and cracking on that wall. It will become a foundation issue eventually. Usual cause is improper grading, downspouts that dump water next to foundation, or no gutters.

Weatherstripping in exterior doors repaired incorrectly by homeowners resulting in worse leaks and thermal protection.

On the commercial side of our business it would be handyman electrical work that results in improper repairs and additions. All are now serious safety issues that require an immediate fix by a licensed electrician.

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